Frequently asked questions


How do I make a journey?
When you download the KPay App the first time you will be asked to register and add funds to your account in order that you can travel.

You will need to open the App at the start of each journey, confirm you are starting your journey by pressing the “Ride” button, and then present the ”Ride Pass” screen to the bus driver. No money will be charged at this point.

The App will log where you get off the bus and send the information to the KPay system. Provided your phone has sync’d before the end of each day, the KPay system will review your journeys, and calculate the best value fare for that day. Your last journey information will be available in the Transaction History once you have completed the journey and are no longer on the bus or near any bus stops/stands.
When should I push the “Ride” button?
You should push the “Ride” button just before you get on the bus to show the driver. The “Ride Pass” screen will time out after a minute and you will need to push the “Ride” button again. If you push the “Ride” button while the bus is at the stop and then do not board you may be charged for a journey to the next stop.
What is PAYG?
Pay-as-you-go bus travel is similar to PAYG mobile phones. You pay an initial deposit and when you make a bus trip the fare is deducted from the deposit. Deposits will be £10, £15, or £20.
What type of payment can I use?
You can use a debit card, credit card or a PayPal account to transfer money into the App account.
Is there a minimum value I need to keep in my account?
To continue to use the App to travel, you will need to keep a minimum balance of £5 in your account. The App will prompt you to top up funds if your balance is below £5 except on the last day of the trail.
What happens to the money left in my account when the trial ends?
Any money over 50p will be refunded back to the debit card, credit card or PayPal account used. Anything under 50p will be given to Candlelighters, a Yorkshire charity supporting children with cancer and their families (the charity supported by The Keighley Bus Company in 2016).
Will I be charged only for the best value ticket?
At the end of each day, providing your phone has sync’d with KPay, your account will be debited with your fares.

If you have only made a single or return journey you will be charged 10% of the normal cost of those tickets.

Each day you use the App your fares will be capped at 10% of your usual day or weekly ticket price. A seven day rolling count begins from when you first use the App.

With this approach you will get the best value ticket every day.


What happens if I miss my stop and get off at another?
The App will charge you to the stop you get off at.
What do I do if I have a problem with using the App while travelling?
If you do experience a problem using the App then please contact us via email ( or phone MetroLine (0113 245 7676). Please keep any bus tickets purchased as they may be asked for.
My phone has a dead battery what do I do?
You should ensure that your phone battery is charged in order that you can travel.
If your phone battery is not working before you board the bus then you will need to pay a cash fare for your journey.

If your phone battery stops working during your travel then the App will charge you to the end of the bus route. If this happens, please contact us with the details of the incident and we will can investigate the charge made.
I turned my phone off by mistake what happens now?
You can turn your phone on at any point and if you are still travelling on the same bus then App will keep searching for a signal from that bus or the bus stop. If there are any problems with the charges incurred then please contact us with the details of the journey.
I turned Bluetooth off by mistake what happens now?
The App will show you a message asking you to turn it back on. The App will constantly update its position while you travel so you will be charged the correct fare. If you do not immediately switch bluetooth back on you may be charged the fare to the end of the route.


Queries must be raised within 7 days of the journey.

My transactions are showing the wrong journey(s), how do I change them?
If you believe that the journey information is incorrect then please contact us with;
  • Your email address
  • What journey or cost you found incorrect
  • What the actual journey route should be
  • Any information that may help us (ie what happened on that journey that may be unusual such as not let off at a bus stop due to traffic)
The running balance is not correct, what do I do?
If you believe that the balance is incorrect then please contact us with;
  • Your email address
  • What item is not showing correctly ie journey details or top up
I have been overcharged, how can I get my money back?
If you believe that you have been overcharged then please contact us with;
  • Your email address
  • What journey or cost you found incorrect
  • What the actual journey route should be
  • Any information that may help us (ie what happened on that journey that may be unusual such as not let off at a bus stop due to traffic)
How quickly will my top ups and journey costs show?
Transactions will be viewable within 24 hours from your last known sync.


What is this Touchless trial?
KPay is a trial which will allow passengers to travel for 10% off the normal full price fare, using a pre-pay mobile phone App using the services and within the travel areas mentioned below.
How do I take part in the trial?
Fill in the signup form to see if you are eligible
What bus services is the App available on?
The KPay App can be used on;
Full routes of
662, K1, K2, K3, K5, K6, K7, K8, K10, B1 and B2 and
Partial routes of
62, 66 – Bar House Lane (bus stop numbers 45021078 and 45021079) to Keighley Bus Station and vice versa
68, 67 – Cross Roads (bus stop numbers 45019928 and 45019927) to Keighley Bus Station and vice versa
69 – Oxenhope (bus stop numbers 45019988) to Cross Roads (bus stop numbers 45019929 and 45024775) and vice versa
B3 – Oxenhope (bus stop numbers 45019984 and 45019983) to Keighley Bus Station and vice versa
60 – Keighley Bus Station to Shipley Market Place (bus stop numbers 45024365 and 45024368) and vice versa;
Why is it only on the services and areas listed above?
We have extended this trial to include 20 additional bus services within the Keighley and Worth Valley area as well as the 60 service. These along with the 662 bus service will give us additional information on potential future roll outs of pre-pay mobile apps.
What happens if I use the KPay App outside the areas stated?
The driver should be able to tell you if the App is valid for your full journey. If the App is not valid for the full journey then the driver will ask you to pay and not use the App. If you do use the KPay App outside the travel areas stated then you will be charged the fare to the end of that route.
What do I get for taking part in the trial?
You will get 10% off the normal full price fares on the services and travel areas previously mentioned while using the App during the trial. The fare for that route will be charge and the overall fare will contribute to the daily or weekly basic cap.
Who can take part on this trial and how long is this trial for?
The trial is open to all passengers who are over 18 and have an Android mobile phone less than 2 years old. The trial will take place from 17 July – 30 September 2017.
Can I transfer my account to another handset/phone?
Yes, you can use another handset during the trial as long as it is still an Android phone. Please let us know so we can keep your record up to date and reset your access so it will be available to your new phone. It will not work on your new phone until you have notified us and we have enabled it.
Can I change my contact email address during the trial?
Yes, you can but it is recommended that you keep the same email address for accessing the App during the trail. If you want to change the email used by the App you will need to tell us the new email address. We will then move your App account to the amended email address and will be able to continue to contact you during the trial.
Do I have to take part in the surveys at the end?
Yes, your experience form an important part of the results of this trial and will determine whether this initiative could be developed for roll out in the future. Taking part in the surveys is one of the Terms and Conditions.
What is the future of this after the trial?
Depending on the results and customer feedback it is hoped that we will be able to develop the system for other bus services in West Yorkshire.
NOTE – It is recommended that you carry enough change with you for your fare just in case there is a problem.


What type of phone do I need?
As long as the phone has an Android operating system then the type of phone does not matter.
Does it matter how old my phone is?
If your phone is 3 years or older then it may not be able to support this App. The KPay App will work on Android 5.0 known as Lollipop or later.
Do I need to have an internet connection?
No you do not need a connection to travel. However, you will need access to either the internet (via a WiFi connection or a mobile phone data plan) for your phone to connect with the back office and for you to top up your travel credit. Your current journey will only be shown in the Transaction History when it has been completed and the phone has synced. All transactions should be shown within 48 hours.
How often should I sync the app?
The app will automatically sync wherever a data connection is made (WiFi or via your mobile data plan). This can take up to an hour. If the App has not synced for more than 2 days then your journeys will not be shown in the Transaction History. The App will prompt you to connect to a network and will automatically sync before you can travel again.
How does the phone know where I am?
There are beacons on the bus stops and buses used during the trial. Your phone uses Bluetooth to read the signal from the beacons and feeds that to the App.
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth uses radio waves to connect to a phone or computer. It can connect your phone or computer to your speakers. Bluetooth is Low Energy and does not drain your battery fast. It is different from data streaming and uses less energy than NFC. Bluetooth can be active while you listen to music.
Why can’t I use my iPhone, Blackberry or Window’s phone?
For trial purposes the App only works for Android phones.


If I want to leave during the trial how do I get my money back?
If you wish to leave the trial then please phone or email us with your contact details. We will contact you before we close your account to ensure that it is you who wishes to leave the trial and feedback your experience. Any funds left on your account will be refunded.